Crowdfund Shutdown

Thu Sep 22, 2022

A few weeks ago the Patreon for crowdfunding Japanese translations was closed. The reason is “offending content.” Generally speaking, Patreon has very much not been in favor of Japanese works due to the nature of the content (largely cultural differences, in my opinion), and I’ve always known this to be a long time coming.

About 600+ works were translated through the crowdfund, which is an incredible number to me. I hope someday Japanese artists will translate their own works and sell them directly to English markets. We’ve seen an increase of authors on platforms like Fakku and Coolmic, and I’d guess that trend will continue.

As of now there will no longer be a crowdfund and I’ll be returning to how I operated pre-crowdfund, which is just selecting a few works that I enjoy each month out of pocket. I’ve investigated some alternatives, such as SubscribeStar and Ko-fi, but they’ve either not panned out or I don’t find them to be worthwhile. Feel free to DM me on Discord, or leave an email if you know it. Thanks for the support.